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//Academy Park Remodeling Request
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The Management Office must be notified of all unit remodeling projects and proposed construction dates. Construction is permitted between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. weekdays. No one is allowed to schedule work on the weekend, per the rules.

  1. Owners shall obtain (from the contractors) and must submit to the
    Management Office prior to remodeling:
    A. Remodeling Request Form
    B. Signed copy of a remodeling contract
    C. Contractor’s certificate of liability and workers compensation¬†insurance naming th ¬† Association as an additional insured. At a minimum, the General Liability insurance should be $1,000,000 per occurrence. Workers’ Comp. Insurance must be $500,000 at a minimum. The Contractor’s insurance coverages must be primary and noncontributory to the Association’s coverages. Certificates of Insurance must be mailed or faxed to the Management Office by the Insurance Agent: fax # 508-252-4510.
  2. All work must be in compliance with all building, health and safety codes.
  3. Management retains the right to inspect work for compliance with the remodeling contract during and after the work is finished.
  4. Upon notice from Management, any damage to Association common elements, or to other units in the building caused by the work being done, shall be repaired at the expense of the unit owner (or his/her contractor) causing the damage, who shall be required to cooperate fully and expeditiously.
  5. Installation of wood (pressure treated only), ceramic tile or other hard surface floorings must include an underlayment of sound absorbent material approved by the Board of Managers.
  6. The contractor doing the work is responsible for keeping the common area clean and removal of all construction debris on a daily basis. No construction debris can be disposed of in the building’s dumpster. Owners will be fined and charged for any extra cleaning of the common areas if necessary.
  7. A unit owner must specify a time period within which the proposed unit renovation project will be completed. Time periods in excess of one month shall be subject to approval by the building Board of Managers. The Board may grant one extension of the original completion date for good cause shown to the satisfaction of the Board, subject to any additional conditions (including but not limited to, the imposition of monetary charges on a daily or flat fee basis). The time period shall be based upon the scope of the unit renovation work, the scheduling of Association work, and the unit renovation work being performed on a diligent and on-going basis. Excusable delays shall be limited to only interruptions due to labor strikes, Acts of God and governmental moratorium. Any further extension of time shall require payment by the unit owner of a daily charge of $100 for every day or fraction thereof.

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Please submit this form in order to schedule repairs inside your unit. You are responsible for charges incurred by the condominium association for this service.

Work may be scheduled between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM weekdays, and 8:00 AM to 3:00PM Saturdays. All work must be scheduled at least two (2) business days in advance.

Please submit your completed request form by email to or by fax to 508-252-4510.

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If you do not receive a confirmation call or email from our office informing you that you have approval, please call our office at 508-252-4010 at least two (2) days prior to conducting any work to verify we received your form.